Sunday, July 6, 2008

Signs It Hasn't Rained Enough Lately

Last Sunday, at least at my house, we got quite a bit of a downpour overnight. I was quite excited, almost as excited as I was the late summer evening in 1993 when it finally rained after 65 days.

The next morning I surveyed the effects of the rain. I was thrilled to see puddles on the tarp I'd put down to solarize the soil for my next project. Given the heat and drought, my grass is already quite dead without help from the tarp, but I thought I would ensure that all the weeds are dead.

As I looked around the tarp, I started to see things. Like this pelican.

And this dog's head.

And this fish. Maybe it's a tarpon?

Maybe I've lost my mind?


  1. So funny-what a great post. Glad the drought is cooperating with your plans to take out some grass.

  2. hilarious. like you, I am hoping for some rain in central texas!

  3. I think the heat's getting to you. And you're not the only one. (I see all the the images in the tarp, too.)

    Speaking of not being the only one--I'm so glad to find another Austinite who remembers the rainless summer of 1993! I still have the front-page story on Day 64, the day it rained. I've meant to dig that out and post it.

  4. Wonderful! So glad you photographed them and posted.


  5. LOL I see them too(-: I am hoping for rain here. Its so dry and smokey)-:

  6. I can't quite catch the pelican, keeps changing into a dolphin.

    We had a whole .1 inch yesterday evening.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  7. I'd like to see you all do the Rorschach inkblot test. I guarantee you'd be seeing everything related to gardening. I remember doing this at University 40 odd years ago and all I saw was Zoology related things. I'm sure I'd see plants today.
    Hurrah for the rain-1/2" yesterday.

  8. LOL! I take it Austin's already in the Heat Days, eh, Vert? :)

  9. Vert, I remember that day in 1993. It was a Sunday, and a friend and I had decided to just tough it out and go walk Town Lake (now known as Lady Bird Lake) despite the heat. As we walked, the wind came up and the drops began and we rejoiced, as did everyone else on the trail. Soon it was a downpour, and what I loved is that all of the dozens of people on the trail just kept walking in the rain. Everyone was so thrilled to be drenched, it felt like a raindance had finally worked.

    Perhaps I should go do that again?
    Robin at Getting Grounded

  10. Hi Vert.
    I had a similar experience with some wizened old cedar logs recently, check out: Summer=Insanity in Texas.

    This heat is making us all a little crazy.
    Perhaps this hurricane Dolly will bring us some well needed sky fluids.
    In anticipation,