Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sweet Berry-licious

I seem to be finding less time to garden and having less success at it than usual so instead of abandoning this blog altogether, I'll share some shots from our trip Sunday to Sweet Berry Farm, near Marble Falls.A few pumpkins were still in the fields. Elsewhere on the grounds, the farm showed what it's really all about: the berries. Here are some strawberries waiting to be planted: Here's an already planted strawberry field, which shows once again why I am not a farmer. I'm not even bothering with strawberries this year after last year's poor output and the now garden-bed-ful of weeds after using hay as mulch.

I think most of the pumpkins there weren't grown on the farm but brought in for the six-week event. The boy was too little for most of the activities (hay rides, mazes, horseback riding, etc.) but we enjoyed plopping him on top of, behind, and beside all color, size, and shape of pumpkin.

Here are some of my favorites: aptly named peanut pumpkin.I'm pretty sure this one isn't named Warty, but it didn't seem to mind when I called it that.Blue Moon pumpkin (okay, that wasn't its real name but doesn't it look bluish?): Painted pumpkin (almost entirely certain that one wasn't grown on the farm):Basically, it was all fun and games until somebody said to my sensitive mama ears, "Your baby looks just like a pumpkin."

Okay, so maybe he is a little plump around the middle.


  1. Nice pics! Question: how do they grow the strawberries? Isn't it too hot and dry there?

  2. Now I want to go! Sometimes it's just better to enjoy the farmers' work. A brand new mom has another kind of "seedling" at hand. But I bet "damping off" has a new meaning at your house these days.

  3. Wow, I love the varieties! My youngest was a pumpkin for halloween, and refused to take her costume off for over a year. She would sit in front of the dryer banging her head until it was finished being cleane..put it back on, until I made her take it off to be washed again...we still call her "pumpkin."