Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Trip to Natural Gardener

This weekend's rain inspired me to think about gardening again. I would usually be planting a fall vegetable garden now, but with more rain not in this winter's forecast, I decided instead to focus on replenishing my herb garden.

So the World's Cutest Baby (who has now become the World's Cutest Boy) and I headed out to Natural Gardener this morning. I remembered it was Support Your Independent Nursery Month so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone--garden and blog.

Based on the boy's interests, it would appear that we were celebrating Support Your Independent Farm month (not a bad idea either, given Texas's drought). We saw the goats
and stayed a respectful distance away.We also checked on the chickens, which had the featheriest feet I'd ever seen on a chicken.We then went looking for the donkeys, who seemed to have a new home. We heard them before we saw them.Over in the butterfly garden we spied a snake in the firebush.Before we left we stumbled across some miniature longhorns who almost came home with us.At this point I'm sure you're wondering, "But where are the frickin' plants?!"

No fear, the plants are there, waiting on you to buy them. The Natural Gardener is a wonderful place to visit and shop but not the easiest place to take pictures and keep a toddler out of trouble. Most of my plant pictures look this one:I was able to corral him long enough to buy French thyme, English thyme, dill, bronze fennel, cilantro, Italian parsley, Greek oregano, and Mexican oregano. I also bought some Revitalizer Compost, which really has its work cut out for it.
I didn't buy any but there were lots of fall vegetable starts just waiting for more intrepid souls than I.

The Natural Gardener is just one of many places that make Austin unique. I'm happy to support it.


  1. I used to take my kids, when they were younger, to Natural Gardener to see the animals too. It's a great place to explore with kids. But it's an even better place for grown-ups looking for beautiful plants and accessories. Thanks for joining Support Your Independent Nursery Month.

  2. The Boy seems to have had a good time, as he always does when in the dirt. I applaud your gardening efforts with so much else to distract you. Looks like a good time was had by all. And now that the miracle of a blogpost has happened, I'm ready for a magical weight loss cure.

  3. So clever of them to have something interesting for the kiddies. Although, on second thoughts I think there is an ulterior motive there, don't you! All I have over here is deer poop and lots of Mockingbird poop on the chairs. Glad the 'boy' enjoyed himself.

  4. It's always such a treat to see pics of The Boy, but especially so when taken against the backdrop of one of our amazing local nurseries.

  5. You should have show that cute boy from the front. Jut found your blog