Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Early Bloom Day

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day may not take place for a fortnight but I just have to post these flower pictures now. I'm not sure these plants will still be blooming on the fifteenth. I also feel like I've been holding out on you a bit, by not sharing photos of the stars of my yard.

My iris is finally blooming. Most of my flowers seem to be on a slower blooming schedule than some of the others around town, but, oh boy, when they decide to bloom, they bloom!

My neighbor brought me back some tulips from Holland. I really didn't think they would bloom here, but his girlfriend assured me they would. I'm glad to be wrong, in this instance.

These Frederic Mistral roses really must have enjoyed getting all that rain last summer. They are blooming like crazy. And they smell fantastic. Another instance when we need scratch and sniff Internet.

My husband is such a rabid Longhorn fan that I haven't told him this rose is named Oklahoma.

This lavender rose is my favorite. You can also get a glimpse of the other roses in the background.

I really should have gotten a picture of the container garden that holds this water lily. Next time.

The El Calafate bush is one of the more unusual plants in my yard. It's from South America.

And finally, my favorite bloom right now--the Chilean firebush. It's just spectacular.

I hope at least some of these blooms hold out for a while. This is definitely the best time to be in my garden.

( I'm fairly certain that by now you've figured out these flowers aren't blooming in my yard, but just in case, April Fools. I took these photos on our trip last October to Argentina. Lucky for me, October is spring there. The firebush looks particularly spectacular because it's highlighted against the Perito Moreno glacier.)


  1. Not only did you have me totally fooled, I was going to ask whether the tulips came prechilled from Holland! You got me, Vert. Happy April Fools Day ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. You had me too. None of it seemed out of the realm of possibility, except the firebush seemed pretty early.

    Won't tulips grow here as annuals, if the deer don't get them? I thought they just wouldn't come back since it doesn't get cold enough.

    Nice pics, by the way.

  3. You caught me. :) I was jealous, and I kind of wondered whether Hyde Park lots are big enough for that kind of variety!

    Happy April Fools Day.

    Rachel @ in bloom

  4. Annie and Pam, my neighbor actually did bring back tulips from Holland. (I find that the best April Fools' Day jokes do have an element of truth in them.) I don't think they were prechilled. They bloomed last year and the leaves are up again this year. I'll let you know if they bloom again.

    Pam, I did try to keep the blooms in the realm of the possible for a gardener like you! For me, I'd be happy to just get the iris blooming. But some day . . .

    Rachel, My Hyde Park lot is certainly not big enough for that variety. It took all of Argentina to have that variety--the roses are from a botanical garden in Buenos Aires, the iris and tulips from the Lake District near Bariloche, and the el calafate and the firebush are near the glaciers.

    See you all on Saturday!