Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Inside Austin Tour: Link Davidson's Garden

Link Davidson's garden is definitely keeping Austin weird. It's an amazing array of found objects repurposed into garden art. I can't believe how much stuff he has crammed into a tiny space. I also can't believe how many different scenes and vignettes he's created. The photos below maybe represent half of his garden.

I loved, loved, loved his garden. It was so fun and unexpected; an expression of true joy. I know Link was nervous about how his garden would be received. I think for some people it's too out there. But for Link it's a great match. When I saw him on Friday, he was practically vibrating he was so excited and exhausted.

In this garden, pictures are really better than words so here are just a few of my favorite shots

I loved the inventive use of tin cans, the blue longhorn, the idol with the real bone, and the wind turbines. As MSS noted, you could use these turbines in place of barrel cactus. I immediately considered using them as a cheaper version of this fish hook barrel cactus I saw at a colleague's house:

After a couple of double takes, I realized it was a sculpture and not a plant and quickly whipped out my cell phone to take a picture. Sara got it at a street fair in Colorado, but if you want to order one, you can find them here. Unfortunately, that one is a little out of my budget right now. (It's $580.)

A little more in my price range is the free tumbled glass mulch that Link had in his front yard. As promised, here is the contact information to get your own: TCEQ.

Sorry, Austin only!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't realize that the barrel cactus was actually turbines at the first glance! I loved that.

    Sadly, I didn't have time to see this garden in person, so thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. Loved this tour and wished I could have been's wonderful when people express themselves so well through their gardens.

    Those turbines will look great with the stock tank I want!


  3. Would have loved to have seen these gardens in person - but your posts were the next best thing. I've left a little award for you on my blog, Vertie.

  4. Link's garden looks like pure south Austin fun. Wish I'd been able to see it. I notice he has a stock tank too--yee-ha!

    Those steel cactus sculptures can also be found out at Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg. I posted a few pics after a recent visit.

  5. Man... I loved this garden when I read MSS's review, and I love it even more now! (And I have a spot in my front yard, under the eaves so without much in the way of rain, that is absolutely screaming out for some cactus wind turbines to be "planted" there.) Are those little discs hanging off the front of the cantina tin can lids? Cute!

  6. So cool! I'd love to tour a garden like that!!