Thursday, October 2, 2008

You Might Be a Gardening Geek: The Vert Edition

In honor of my first hoe, I am offering my version of Carol of May Dreams Gardens's now famous series, You Might Be a Gardening Geek. Unlike Carol's much beloved hoes, gardening geek is a category on her blog while her hoes are relegated to the tools category. She's tweeted me that she's going to address that issue. That whole sequence might be reason number one that I might be a gardening geek, but is it the Twittering about hoes, the searching for a hoe category, or the hoe collection that makes me a geek? Oh, wait, that last is all Carol's! I only have one hoe.

But I still might be a gardening geek. Apparently, unlike the average consumer of hoes, I knew how to use it without reading the label:
But is it geekier that I didn't need to read the label or that I took picture of my inaugural hoe? You decide.
Is it geeky that I left a meeting early after receiving a text from my husband that after many aborted attempts

my moonflower was FINALLY blooming?
Is it more or less geeky that I left a vegetable gardening meeting?

Or that I was equally as thrilled to see that the moonflower, while weathered and beaten, was still glowing the morning after?
Is it more or less geeky that I was disappointed not to have container on hand to catch a giant beetle at the Austin City Limits Festival or that I bought this blue beetle bracelet there:
and was more excited about it than any band I saw except maybe David Byrne?

Is it more or less geeky that I sacrificed my last swig of coffee to trap this spider?
Or that I am now packing supplies from my Advanced Insect Collecting and Mounting Kit in my purse? I will be attending an outdoor wedding at dusk--prime insect collecting time--this Saturday. Do you think the bride will mind my collecting during the ceremony? If it's a short ceremony, maybe I can wait until the reception?

And finally is it geeky that although I could not attend last night's master gardener meeting because my dog had agility class, I came thisclose to stopping by on the way home just to claim some goodies from the plant swap at the end of the meeting?

Or is it just geeky that my dog goes to class? I won't even mention her seatbelt because then you won't have any doubt in your mind that I'm a geek.


  1. mss @ Zanthan GardensOctober 2, 2008 at 10:35 AM

    Gardening geek indeed!

  2. Gardening Geek! Nature Geek! Animal Geek! You are on a roll for sure! And good for you seatbelting your dog in the car. They can and will fly through a windshield in a wreck just as easily as a child.

  3. It's a Hooked-on-Hoes Post! Carol must be beaming with pride!

    Congratulations on the moon flower bloom, Vertie - I'd say leaving the meeting was geeky if the vine bloomed last summer, but since you've had to wait so long it's normal.
    Carting around an empty spice bottle for bugs is bad enough - glassine envelopes are really geeky!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. This is getting too philosophical for me. I'll just say it sounds like you've got your priorities right, though I think I might have broken down and gone to the plant giveaway.

  5. I'm so proud of you for getting a hoe, and even though it is your first hoe, you knew how to use it without reading the instructions! I think that makes you a natural born gardening geek.

    And the insect obsession? That just adds to our charm as gardening geeks, doesn't it? I took my first entomology course in college because it was required. I took the second class because I loved the first one!

    And of course we plan our schedules to see special blooms. That's almost a given.

    Takes one to know one! Thanks for the link.

  6. Now now, that dog seatbelt thing is just plain old safety!

    Yes you are a geek (especially with all of the bug things thrown in) but smile and join the rest of us.

  7. No doubt about your geek status! It's a fine club! Gail

  8. vertie,

    Any chance you can point me in the right direction to id this curious bug on an Aster Tataricus on my post today? Word on the street is you are the got to gal for bugs? The bracelet tells me it might be true!


  9. What a great Geek you are, Vertie! I aspire to your fun geekiness... maybe someday, I'll join you, Carol, Kylee, and all of the other Great Garden Geeks! :)

    (I'm there already in spirit. I just feel like I need to know a lot more before I can claim the Geek title!)