Monday, September 29, 2008

Work it, Grasshopper!

I do really think I have lost my mind. My sanity has been questioned before, more than once, but I think the continuing heat, the continuing drought, three days at the Austin City Limits festival, and a rapidly approaching birthday have pushed me over the line.

But when exactly did line crossing occur?

Maybe it was when I ran back inside to get my camera rather than shooing away this grasshopper?

Maybe it was when I wished that this grasshopper was a creosote bush grasshopper instead of most likely an ordinary American grasshopper because finding a creosote bush grasshopper in my backyard would have been more of an entomological coup?

Maybe it was when I decided NOT to trap it from my specimen collection because I thought it was too pretty?

Maybe it was when I told the grasshopper to WORK IT for the camera?

Maybe it was when I believed that the grasshopper was responding to my request, ever so slightly rotating around the trellis so I could get a different view of it with each frame?

And not just trying to get the heck away from the crazy lady telling it, "The camera loves you, baby!"


  1. That grasshopper looks downright benevolent compared to this one I photographed a few years ago:


  2. It sounds like you were as engaged with that grasshopper as the narrator in that Mary Oliver poem (wasn't that her name?) that Tom Spencer read at the Spring Fling. The wonder of nature, etc. Or was it just blog fodder? ;-)

  3. Vertie, even that grasshopper wants his 15 minutes of fame!

    I can relate... found myself making cooing noises at one of the squirrels trying to get a photo.
    So far I haven't been tempted to immortalize Palmetto bugs.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose
    (off to see Rachel's grasshopper)

  4. Rachel, I agree. Yours does look scary! Mine looked kind of sweet--guess that's why I spared its life.

    Pam, if you were on Twitter (hint, hint), you'd know that I've fully crossed over to the insect side.

    Annie, I bet only you could create a blogpost, or even a song, immortalizing the Palmetto bug.

  5. Nice! I'm lovin' the grasshopper vibe I am picking up from that photo. Work it, Vert!

  6. Birthdays will do that to our minds . . . Were you shooting pictures fast or was your grasshopper really patient?

  7. As long as you didn't call out, "Over here, Posh! Look over here!"

  8. Mary Beth, That grasshopper stayed there for a very long time. He (or she) still haven't figured that out yet. I was also trying to get pictures from all sides to help with identification.

  9. Vertie, Talk about working it! This is a wonderfully funny post!


  10. LOL well as long as the grasshopper does not bring all his friends to visit your garden then you are still o.k.(-: