Friday, May 16, 2008

May Bloom Day

I'm a day late, and oh, about twenty blooms short. I really think I should have entitled this post, Not Bloom Day. With a few exceptions, none of my plants are in bloom. Not my Barbados cherry, not any of my buddleia, not my supposedly everblooming Cramoisi superieur, although at least it's alive, unluck the rock rose pictured above. I may be hallucinating or drinking too much wine in service of bed edging, but I think I see some signs of new growth of the pavonia so I'm leaving it until it tells me definitively that it's time to go.

As luck would have it, I got a free, smaller, yet much alive replacement last week, and I just might have some volunteers from who knows where in the free plant zone.

The cosmos and sweet pea continue to be the star bloomers.

This week the zinnias joined the fray. I've been anticipating their blooms for a week or so now, and I feel a bit let down. The flowers are fairly small compared to the size of the plants and its leaves. Kind of a bit of all show and no go.

I do like the red zinnias. I think next year I'll try to just get the red ones.

Performing a bit better for bloom day are the vegetables. The lemon cucumber is blooming like crazy, and I even see the beginnings of a cuke.

Some of my potatoes bloomed a couple of weeks ago. I knew that the blooms were a sign that some taters might be ready.

After some rooting around, lo and behold, my first potatoes:

I know they don't quite fit the theme of bloom day, but I like to think of them as underground blooms. Thanks again to Carol, the garden bloggers' best neighbor, for once again hosting bloom day.


  1. You have more flowers than I did on my non-blooming day. I wish I could contribute my wine bottles to your collection, but I'll just have to raise my glass in a toast.

  2. Yay for your first potato. Mine haven't started flowering yet and I don't have high hopes for them this year. I started them too late.

    The zinnias are cheerful. I haven't grown any in years but yours are making me think I should try some again.

  3. The potatoes look great, Vertie - and getting them to grow so well probably indicates you've worked on making your soil good!

    This year I just bought a few red zinnia plants rather than plant seeds... too often the seeded plants end up in sizes and colors that are not what the packets promised.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  4. What blooms you have are very pretty, they are what I hope to have in my garden in July and August. And the potatoes like quite tasty.

    Thanks for joining in for bloom day.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  5. Love your purple Zinnias , I hope ti plant a lot of Zinnias next year . Mary