Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Break in the Rain

Earlier this morning, all of us animals took advantage of a break in the rain.

This poor wet and bedraggled young possum really looked lost and a bit scared of my barking dog. Little did he or she know that all my dog really wanted to do was play.

Ordinarily, I'm not too fond of possums and hate to encounter them at night, but I actually felt a little sorry for this guy. He just looked so pathetic. Now, if he comes back when my tomatoes are ripe, I might have some different feelings toward him.

I know that spring is in the air, because this cardinal . . .

was seriously looking to get some bird action with . . .

this pretty lady, who was doing her best to act disinterested.

Meanwhile, in the frontyard, there wasn't any animal action, unless you count the SPIDERwort.

Animal or not, after a glorious run, the mountain laurel is taking its own well-deserved break.


  1. Your possum is so cute...he couldn't possibly be a tomato thief, no way.

    And the cardinals are all looking to get some action around here, too. :)

  2. He is cute and I really hate the little rodents. They are creepy looking at you at night, but seem pretty harmless in your daylight photo. I love your "story" about Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal -- so glad to see other people also make up lives and drama for their wildlife friends! (Makes me feel a little less "out there!")

  3. Possums eat snails and slugs. Best learn to like them. They've never bothered my tomatoes but they do like pineapple guava and will clean the tree overnight. May have help from racoons.