Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

This is Austin after all. No weather pattern sticks around too long. It may be gray today, but the light yesterday morning was beautiful. I loved how it highlighted all the new buds and leaves on the fig tree.

Yesterday's blue sky gave no warning that today's would be gray.

I need to go back and look more closely at this limb, because if my eyes don't deceive me, it looks like there is a small fig on the horizon on the rightside of the limb.

The snow peas also look beautiful in silhouette.

The bloom of the mountain laurel is not quite as luminous but its smell more than makes up for its lack of glow. I can't wait for scratch-and-sniff internet.

This weekend's weather is supposed to be gorgeous. I hope to get my vegetables in the ground. For now, I'm loving the much-needed rain.


  1. I've been enjoying the silhouettes of budding fig leaves in our yard, too.

    I found your blog by being out and about in the Austin garden blogging community...maybe we'll meet in person at Spring Fling. :)

  2. I'm enjoying the Texas mountain laurels too. Your illuminated leaves are lovely.

  3. You buds are lovely and I do think there's a fig there! We plan to take full advantage of this weekend's nice weather, as well. Soccer and rodeo today, gardening tomorrow - I'm very excited. I am hoping that our freezes are behind us now.