Friday, March 28, 2008

Potatoes and Onions, Oh My

About a month ago, I planted some potatoes. I was about a week later putting them in--you should put them in close to Valentine's day. As the date snuck up on me, I had to buy what seed plants I could get locally, so I ended up with these red potatoes from the Natural Gardener. I really want to grow fingerlings, but I will have to wait until next year. At least, I'll have experience by then.

I cut up the potatoes, trying to get one or more eyes into each chunk. I let them cure a couple of days. (This step is optional.)

I then dug some trenches and planted the taters in the them.

Now, about a month later, I have plants. A friend warned me to watch for the potato beetle. He suggested that I cover the plants with row cover, which I need to dig out of the shed. So far, I'm just happy with how pretty the plant is.

Spring onions will make us a nice accompaniment to to the potatoes. I planted these onions the same day.

But lately I've been taking a close look at what I used to consider ugly weeds.

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I now found the native wild onions are the most attractive alliums in the yard.

They might even look good enough to eat.

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  1. I had no idea that you could grow potatoes in Austin. I hope they turn out well. I'll be crossing my fingers and taking notes for next year's vegetable garden. :)